Held on July 29, 2014
Girl's Dorm Fundraiser

Geeks Giving Back is supporting the upcoming Just Let Me Learn event hosted by HeidiSays, focused on raising funds to build a girl's dorm at the Saiphai Mountain School.

Join us for an evening of networking, fundraising, and shopping! Tuesday, July 29th at 7:00pm

Hosted by:

2426 Fillmore Street
San Francisco, CA 94115

Please RSVP with Lisa Ballard


Take a moment to check out the link below on Indiegogo and also share it with your friends. All the tools are there. Get perks, make a contribution, or simply follow updates. If enough of us get behind it, we can make 'Saiphai School Girls Dorm' happen!

Donate to Saiphai Girls Dorm Here


We are raising funds to build a girls dorm in Saiphia (Mizoram, India) to house 60 girls who live too far away to attend school. In this part of India, most of the parents have very limited or no schooling. They live hand to mouth. A shocking trend that is happening is the targeting of village girls for human trafficking, i.e., sex trade. Traffickers entice the girls and their families with the allure of non-village life, and convince the families that their daughters will have more opportunities if they move to the city and get jobs as housemaids and nannies. They offer more money and promise that they will send money back to help the parents. The reality is that many of these girls are delivered into the hands of pimps in these cities and forced into the sex trade.

This is Something We Have to Stop.

The Saiphia Girls Dorm will enable girls in remote villages to live at the Saiphai school. They will be away from the pressure put on them at home. This means they will be allowed to focus on studies, surrounded by other girls who also want to learn. Teachers, dorm parents and other adults will be there to protect them and help them learn.


Maricel Cerruti
Geeks Giving Back Founder